NovoPsych is designed specifically for clinicians working in the mental health arena who want to administer psychometric tests quickly and accurately with automatic scoring.

Watch this video to learn how NovoPsych can help you administer reliable psychological assessments, including the:

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NovoPsych delivers psychological assessments via an iPad, where clients can complete tests in your office or waiting room by simply tapping the iPad’s screen. The results are automatically calculated and sent to you, their clinician, giving access to scores instantly. Say goodbye to hand scoring tests! NovoPsych allows you to administer widely used psychometric tests, and scores are converted into percentile ranks so clinicians are provided with data to appropriately interpret test results.

Routinely measuring clinical outcomes offers significant benefits to psychologists and clients. Use of outcome measures can guide treatment decisions and help clients recognise their own improvements. In fact, research shows that regular use of outcome measures may increase engagement and improve the therapeutic relationship, thereby increasing the efficacy of treatment.  Of course, measures are particularly meaningful if feedback is provided in a clear, instant and engaging manner. That is why NovoPsych allows you to graph symptoms over time.


Advantages of NovoPsych compared to paper and pencil testing include:

Centralized Test Library

Psychometric tests are presented through one simple, centralised interface – “the iTunes of psychometric testing”. A highly convenient feature for the psychologist, providing easy access to industry-standard tests, as well as relevant psychometric information. For detailed information about the tests that can be administered through NovoPsych click here.

Easy Test Administration

Administering a test is as simple as selecting the test from the centralised library, and physically handing the iPad to the client- there is no need for psychologists to worry about maintaining a ready supply of test papers, instruction sheets or sharpened grey-lead pencils!

Instant Scoring and Interpretation

The moment the client finishes the test, scores and interpretation are available for the administering psychologist to examine – there is no delay, and no input required on behalf of the psychologist. The results are available in the app or through the clinician’s email. Forget Z-indexes and T-tables; percentiles, sub-scales and averages are included where applicable. This feature saves time and ensures scoring is 100% accurate.

Secure Data Storage

All NovoPsych technology is built incorporating above industry-standard data encryption technologies.

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Why psychometrics on the iPad?

The general advantages of computer-based assessment tools over traditional paper-and-pencil testing are well known: increased delivery and scoring efficiency, reduced costs, improved test security, consistency and reliability. The use of tablet computer technology for administering psychometric tests retains all the benefits of traditional computer based assessments without any of the disadvantages. For example, administration of assessments through NovoPsych’s interface is portable, does not require a designated desk for assessment, can be administered in a waiting room type scenario, and does not require the participant to be computer literate. NovoPsych will quickly become an essential tool in any psychologist’s tool-kit.

Compared to traditional PC-based computer testing interfaces, NovoPsych offers a much improved user experience through touch technology on the iPad, as well as allowing a test subject to undertake a test in a more casual waiting room environment rather than at a desk.

Download NovoPyschiPad app from the Appstore here